United States Ban Salt Water Softeners

Why ban salt water softeners

Over the last several years, many states have decided to ban salt water softeners entirely or restrict their use, and for good reason. When you pour a bag of salt pellets into your salt water softener tank, you are essentially dumping all of that salt into our freshwater rivers, streams and aquifers. Over time, discharge from salt water softeners will lead to increasing levels of sodium in fresh water supplies, and excessive chloride levels in soil. Many cities and states are opting to ban salt water softeners in order to halt the cycle of environmental damage.

Current states that ban salt water softeners:

Santa Clarita, CA water softener regulations
In November of 2008, Santa Clarita voters approved a measure requiring removal of all residential water softeners, in order to protect the Santa Clara River. Other California cities have followed suit, including Fillmore, Chino, Chino Hills, Fontana, Montclair, Ontario, Upland, and the Cucamonga Valley and Monte Vista Water Districts.

Michigan water softener regulations
In May 2010, Hamburg Township prohibited the use of salt water softeners, in order to protect their aquifers from excessive sodium.

Connecticut water softener regulations
Brine discharge from salt water softeners is prohibited from entering private septic systems by the CT Public Health Code, in order to protect against groundwater contamination and damage to septic systems.

Texas water softener regulations
Most softeners are prohibited from being installed at homes with private septic systems. A homeowner can legally install a water softener as
long as it’s labeled as “water-conserving,” and regenerates on demand as opposed to on a schedule.

Massachusetts water softener regulations
Brine discharge from salt water softeners is prohibited from entering private septic systems by Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection Title 5 regulations.

This development in the United States is also entering to Europe now. Recently it is heard from Brussels, that the European Union is in the process to decide new environmental regulations.
These environmental regulations may have the same strong effect as in Spain as the United States, which would mean that the current market leader – the salt water softener – will suffer strong restrictions and may lead to a new development in the lime scale protection market.

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It’s legal to use in all countries, since it doesn´t change the quality of the water and doesn´t add any chemicals.

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