About Us

BIOWATER TECHNOLOGY S.L. is working in the water sector with the exclusive right to enter the Spanish territory with our revolutionary product, which is neutralizing the lime scale in the water in a natural, biological manner without added chemicals. This being our main added value because it does not pollute the environment, it’s protecting water facilities in both public and private buildings and as a result produces energy savings. The lime scale systems have the international certificate of DVGW, an official institution that certifies the quality and technical reliability of a product and guarantees for equipment used in the water and gas sector in Germany.

This revolutionary product is being used successfully in countries such as Germany, Austria and Switzerland and its customers include barracks of German Military, convention centers, hospitals, hotels, factories, apartment blocks and private homes both existing and new constructions. Tested for four years in the town of Marbella with more than 600 satisfied customers, which is why we aim to expand and form a distribution network that allows us to offer these products to the Community of Andalusia and on a national level especially in areas where the water is hard.

In case you are interested in collaborating, adding our systems to your product line or distribution chain, or if you are looking for a sustainable investment, please contact us.