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What’s the problem with our water?

Water Hardness Levels in SpainIn Spain, over 80% of households suffer from hard water – that is, water with a high mineral content.

While hard drinking water has several health benefits due to its higher calcium and magnesium content (the two components of chalk), it can cause serious problems in industrial and domestic equipment. Water boilers, cooling towers and other water equipment can experience loss in performance or breakdowns leading to expensive repairs.

Water hardness is defined by two indexes, French hardness (ºfH) and the value of millimole of calcium carbonate per liter (mg/l CaCO3) found in the water.

This map and table illustrate the average water hardness in different regions of Spain.

The Effects of Hard Water

effects-hard-waterWhen water evaporates it often leaves white spots on surfaces which, over time, leads to an unsightly appearance. It is on the inside of pipes, however, where denser sediments form a solid layer that clogs pipes and damages equipment.

This is a serious problem in most homes in Spain which results in:

  • Higher energy consumption. Limescale deposits hinder the exchange of heat leading to a loss in efficiency.
  • Low water pressure. This reduces comfort while showering and the effectiveness of devices such as dishwashers, ultimately increasing water usage.
  • Higher water costs. More water is required to fulfill the same needs as before, costing more money.
  • Health risks. The possibility of infection by a waterborne disease is increased, such as legionella.
  • Increased risk of damage to home appliances. Dishwashers, water heaters and washing machines are all connected to the same water supply. The same waste that gathers in the pipes can also be produced in these appliances as the water is repeatedly heated and cooled, ultimately clogging the machine and preventing proper operation.

Our Solution: The Revolutionary esProtect

esProtect - Limescale protection for single, multi-family and holiday homesBiowater-Technology own exclusive rights to distributing and servicing the esProtect system in Spain.

esProtect is a revolutionary limescale protection system that works based on the bio-mineralisation process. Thanks to granulated catalysts in the filtering system, it’s able to control the formation of limescale without affecting water quality.

This system provides reliable protection for solar installations and any domestic water installations (such as heater elements and piping) against calcification.

esProtect operates without the use of salt, dangerous chemicals or electricity while preserving the original quality of the water. It complies with Spanish legislation on drinking water and produces zero waste.

Read more about esProtect here.

3-Year Warranty

Our products have a 3-year warranty. With proper installation and maintenance every three years, we believe our systems will last a lifetime. Many facilities have already enjoyed over 10 years of limescale protection with our systems and still function as they did on day one.

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